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Modelling your indoor environment

Whether you want to visualize your building in 3D or implement location-based services, everything starts with a model. We continue to use a modelling toolkit that we have developed at Saarland University during the course of our research. it allows to represent multi-level indoor environments in a way that enables route finding and visualizations from various perspectives. The modeling process usually starts with architectural drawings, preferably as PDF documents. A mesh of polygons is used to represent the physical structure of the environment, like streets, places, buildings and rooms. Besides the geometrical model, the editor allows the symbolical annotation of the polygons and the passability of edges, for example doors and windows. This information is necessary for the route finding algorithm. In order to support our indoor positioning engine, the editor allows to place RFID or infrared beacons within the model. We can also include landmark objects, shelves, and digital media signage.

Integrating our products into your existing IT

Do you already have an infrastructure of digital media signage or mobile devices? Fine. We will work together with your IT professionals to integrate our wayfinding components into your existing solutions.

Instrumenting your environment with positioning infrastructure

Knowing where you are and how to get from one place to another is a prerequisite for any activity. Whereas the global positioning system GPS fails in most indoor situations, our combination of RFID and infrared beacons gives a good approximation of your position in any environment. We choose, install and model the necessary hardware items for you.