VISTO videos for spatial orientation

Videos are an ideal presentation medium to convey route knowledge to the user via existing digital media signage. In our movies, the building is shown from the egocentric perspective of the user rather than an artificial birds-eye perspective. Many users have difficulties to re-orient static maps to their current situation. The egocentric perspective effectively reduces the cognitive load that is required to understand maps. We have conducted a scientific study [1] with 48 subjects in order to compare videos against maps in a real-life scenario. This study revealed that subjects, which have seen movies instead of maps, made considerably less errors during their wayfinding tasks.

Our product Visto comes as a precomputed path catalogue that comprises a set of animations and a database, which includes all the necessary information to find the right movie for each start and destination point. We create the catalogue for you in four steps:

  1. We model the building environment in 3D.
  2. We automatically generate a complete path network between all rooms.
  3. Our engine renders a 3D animation for each route segment.
  4. We store the path catalogue in a SQL database.

Having a database with route knowledge for each start and destinationpoint, the implementation of a navigation system becomes almost trivial. The database can be accessed from all common programming languages, and for the Web we provide a set of PHP functions to add flash movies and arrow images to your html documents. We can even host the necessary Web pages for you: all you have to do is to add hyperlinks to your existing user interface.

You can use our videos on four different technological levels:

  1. add route descriptions to your website only
  2. provide interactive survey maps on public displays
  3. automatically add directional arrows and precise distances to digital signage
  4. Provide individual, personalized information to the user

Please click here for a quick demonstration.

[1] Stefan Münzer, Christoph Stahl (2007). Providing Individual Route Instructions for Indoor Wayfinding in Complex, Multi-Level Buildings. GI-Days 2007 Young Researchers Forum, Sept. 10-12, Münster, ifgi Prints series.